Wednesday, 22 April 2009

FIGHT! Strat

Once you've got yourself a match in FIGHT! the hard work begins. You'll have to put in the hours training, do your best to create a buzz about the fight, as well as make it to the weigh-ins in shape.



Fighter Name :

Fighter Opponent :


You may add 1 attribute point to any of your statistics [to a maximum of 20] per match you are involved in, this will count as 'training'. Motivation/Heart, Toughness and KO Resistance can not be upgraded. Once you have reached the maximum 20, I'll let you know.

If you have done enough to hype your match, you may receive additional attribute points as well.

Training Improvement :


Select from the below options [with an X] to put your strategy into action. If you want to try a different strategy per round [for example, you might feel that your conditioning will become a factor later in the fight and so may decide to start the fight slowly etc], simply place a 1, 2, 3 in the boxed area

Gameplan :
All-Round [ ]
Punches & kicks [ ]
Punches [ ]
Kicks [ ]
Clinch Striking [ ]
Go to the ground [ ]

Ground Gameplan :
Sub [ ]
GnP [ ]
Sub + GnP [ ]
LnP [ ]
Stand up [ ]

Clinch Gameplan :
All-Round [ ]
Punches [ ]
Knees [ ]
Punches + knees [ ]
Takedown/Throws [ ]
Avoid Clinching [ ]

Fight Mode :
Natural [ ]
Offensive [ ]
Defensive [ ]


Put a few details about your fighters actions at the weigh-ins, what they weigh in at [if overweight, provide some more info], how they react to the staredowns etc .

Weigh-in weight :

Stare down reaction:


This is the biggy, set the stage and create the hype for the fight. The usual rules apply, keep things simple. Fighter A sitting down talking in front of a black background. Somewhere in the lines of 250 to 500 words should do it.

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