Monday, 13 April 2009

FIGHT! Application

If you want to be a part of FIGHT! fill out the details below. There are two ways to get involved, send in any character and sit back and watch how they progress with the attributes and strategy you've outlined for them - or, take more control and guide them through match by match with varying strategies to earn bonus attribute points.



Full Name:

Common Name/Nickname:



Country, Town:

Birth Year:


Training Camp:

In cage style :

Fighter Appearance (Or leave for the next part):

Fighter Picbase/Sherdog ID (A visual guide for the fighter, preferably an existing MMA competitor as I plan on creating show posters etc) :


Determines what kind of a fighter you have created, will they stand and trade or look to take it to the ground.

Gameplan :
All-Round [ ]
Punches & kicks [ ]
Punches [ ]
Kicks [ ]
Clinch Striking [ ]
Go to the ground [ ]

Ground Gameplan :
Sub [ ]
GnP [ ]
Sub + GnP [ ]
LnP [ ]
Stand up [ ]

Clinch Gameplan :
All-Round [ ]
Punches [ ]
Knees [ ]
Punches + knees [ ]
Takedown/Throws [ ]
Avoid Clinching [ ]

Fight Style :
Fair and square [ ]
Occasional fouls [ ]
Fights dirty [ ]

Tries fancy strikes:

Tries fancy submissions:


Give each of the following categories a value 1-20. If you are entering a character you wish to 'progress' over time, the sum of these attributes must not be more than 250. You can also only max out [give a value of 20 to] one attribute, give a value of 19 to one attribute and a value of 18 to one attribute. In addition to this, you may only have 10 attributes [inclusive of the 20, 19, 18 values detailed above] with values above 15. This is to ensure more well rounded fighters, and reduce the risk of 'super-freak' fighters.

Please note the max/minimum heights detailed in the handbook.

If you are entering a character without the intention of closley following their progress, all attributes should value between 200 and 250

Punching :
Kicking :
Strength :
Clinch :
Agility :
Dodging :
Motivation/Heart :
Takedowns :
Takedown defense :
GnP :
Ground game :
Submissions :
Sub defense :
Conditioning :
Toughness :
Control :
Aggressiveness :
KO Resistance :

Dictates statistics which can not be upgraded.


FIGHT! will announce all signings with a short PR piece. If you have any comments, please place them below. Something short along the lines of "I'm happy to be here, looking forward to the first fight etc" will do.

Please send all applications to