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FIGHT! For Their Lives I - Fighter Payouts, Salaries and Bonuses

Details of fighters purses and show bonus's were released today. The breakdown is as follows.

Aaldert Daaf - Knockout of the Night - $20,000
Kinsley and Brown - Fight of the Night - $20,000
Submission of the Night unavailable due to no submission finishes

Oleg Maksimov - $26000 [$13,000 to show, $13,000 to win]
Michael Cross - $20,000
Oleg Maksimov defeated Michael Cross via TKO [strikes]

Kyle McIntosh - $18,000 [$9000 to show, $9000 to win]
Jason Mercer - $22,000
Kyle McIntosh defeated Jason Mercer via unanimous decision

Aaldert Daaf - $44,000 [$12,000 to show, $12,000 to win, $20,000 KOotN bonus]
Grant Prosser - $10,000
Aaldert Daaf defeated Grant Prosser via KO [headkick]

Dane 'Banger' Kinsley - $52,000 [$16,000 to show, $16,000 to win, $20,000 FotN bonus]
Jeremy Brown - $28000 [$8000 to show, $20,000 FotN bonus]
Dane Kinsley defeated Jeremy Brown via KO [punch]

Chizuko Kowashi - $20,000 [$10,000 to show, $10,000 to win]
Damian Cruise - $8000
Chizuko Kowashi defeated Damian Cruise via TKO [strikes]

Rahm Petersen - $8,000 [$4000 to show, $4000 to win]
Aramis Vasquez - $5,000
Rahm Patersen defeated Aramis Vasquez via split decision

FIGHT! For Their Lives I - After Show Press Conference

Following the events at FIGHT! For Their Lives I, several of the competitors attended a press conference alongside Jake Morgan.


Middleweight striker Dane 'Banger' Kinsley [USA] came out of FIGHT! For Their Lives I perhaps better than anyone. His clinical display of impressive striking saw him dominate Jeremy Brown. His performance certainly caught the eye, and if he continues, must put him at the very top of the Middleweight pile.

Q: "How did you think your fight went?"
"Terrible." (laughs)

"Nah, seriously though."

"I knew what I wanted to do and went out there and did it and Brown didn't really give me anything to worry about. I think he did more damage to my hands with his head than anything else he threw at me."
Q: "Are you happy with the result?"

"Always got to dig puttin' a dude to sleep. Especially tonight."

"You want to give people a reason to watch you and book you. I felt I basically needed to prove myself. Show off my accuracy and power."

"I think I definitely did that."
Q: "Where does this place you in relation to the division?"
"No clue."

"I mean all of that will be decided by the brains of the operation. I'm just here to fight whoever, whenever, wherever. But I think I definitely put myself in any discussion in the 185 division that comes up after tonight for sure."


Making your debut is always a tricky experience but Rahm Petersen [USA] managed to sidestep the elusive strikes of Aramis Vasquez to grind out a split decision victory.

Q: Now with your debut out of the way, can we expect you to finish a fight in the future?
“I am unapologetic for the way the fight unfolded. Controlling Vasquez was even easier than I imagined it would be. I smothered him just like I said I would, and there was nothing he could do to stop me, nothing. Of course I wanted to finish with the armbar in the first round, but even when that didn’t pan out, I threw everything I had out there. Sometimes you can finish, and sometimes you can’t. I will be even more aggressive next time out. I really want an appendage trophy.”
Q: How did the right hand during the second round affect you? Did you decide on closing the distance after that, and grinding out a decision?
“I’m not going to lie: The right dazed me. But like I said before the fight, and which I will repeat now, pure jiu-jitsu guys are not the cowards people might say they are. I believe that we’re tougher than any other discipline out there, and I think my chin proved that. As an added bonus, Vasquez just jumps into my world with me? Did he really think it would be over that easily? Ridiculous.”
Q: Who would you like next?
“It doesn’t matter. I’m sure Vasquez will want a rematch, since a split decision loss can’t be very satisfying. But, sorry, my friend, maybe some other time. I’m focused on moving up the ladder, not stalling on it. I’m focused on making Milwaukee Top Team synonymous with champions. Kyle McIntosh and I haven’t shown our true potential yet. When we do, no one in FIGHT! MMA will be able to stop us.”


Welterweight Kyle McIntosh took a step up in competition by tackling Jason Mercer in the co-main event, and proved his credentials with a relatively comfortable decision victory. Despite fading slightly in the third round, McIntosh did enough to convince the judges.

Q: Well you went in there wanting to put your name on the map with a big win, and you got just that with the unanimous decision win over Jason Mercer. You must be satisfied with the way things went.
“It was a good fight. Mercer didn’t take it easy on me for a second, but I made sure to make things difficult for him too. The win’s certainly going to put my name out there. It definitely should give me a boost in the Welterweight rankings. At the moment though, I think I still got more to prove.”
Q: It looks like you made a distinct effort to keep the fight standing up. Was this part of your strategy?
“I knew he liked the ground game, and I anticipated that he’d want to take it there. He never seems to get tested on two feet, so I wanted to be the guy to give him that test. In the end, it was never so much that I wanted to keep it up as my takedown counters being on point all night.”
Q: What’s next for you, Kyle?
“Well, if Garret Bishop changes his mind about why he came here, send him my way. Haha. Honestly, I do not care. I’ll take whomever Jake Morgan and the bookers in the back want to throw at me next.”

Aaldert Daaf

Dutchman Aaldert Daaf scored the KO of the night with a spectacular headkick to dispatch hard hitting Grant Prosser in what turned out to be a mismatch of skill and ability. Daaf used his kickboxing so effectively he will have alerted the whole MMA world to his presence.

Q: For all of the amicable talk before the fight, you certainly didn’t take it easy on Prosser…
“Ah…no. [chuckle] I suppose I didn’t. He is a great fighter, and he showed willingness to trade, he showed a real…uh…fighting spirit. As I said before the show, I am extending an invitation to Grant Prosser to come to Rotterdam, and train with Team Handhaven. And sorry for the soccer kick, but…ay…a fight will be a fight, right?”
Q: Can you explain the ending of the fight?
“Yes… I think Prosser felt that his punch did more damage than it did. I am used to be hit in the face…uh…very frequently. You could say my face is strong. [chuckle] Even though it made no sense, I just…um...felt like he would shoot, so instinctively I threw the knee…and that was that.”
Q: Who would you like to fight next?
“Anyone. Since I fought first, that puts me in the lead, doesn’t it? Uh, no other 205 pound fighters competed on Saturday. Now they know where I’m at, and how I go about things. I…uh…I will fight anyone. Honestly.”


Russian Heavyweight Oleg Maksimov gave a lesson in ground n’ pound to his American opponent Michael Cross, displaying surprising agility for a 240lb + man. In truth, Cross never troubled Maksimov who can expect tougher opposition in future fights. He spoke in English, through a heavy Russian accent.

Q: First of all, Oleg, how do you feel following your fight with Michael Cross?
“I feel good. I feel very good. One hundred percent, you could say. I could fight again tomorrow if I had to.”
Q: Few people outside your home country of Russia and Team Taipan in Japan know your name. Tonight, many of them got that all important first glimpse right here in FIGHT! MMA. What is your impression of Michael Cross now that the fight is over?
“Never underestimate him. He is still a world-class fighter. Yes I won that fight, but it wasn't easy. Cross will bounce back, and be better than ever. I'm sure of it. Who knows... maybe we'll see a rematch someday. But for now, my focus must be on the next fight, whenever that may be.”
Q: Do you have any preferences on your next opponent?
“It doesn't matter who. I will train equally hard for all of them.”
Q: Thank you for your time.
“No, thank _you_.”


Japanese Middleweight Chizuko Kowashi made light of impressive grappler Damian Cruise. He answered questions through an interpreter.

Q: Impressive victory tonight Kowashi, to say the least. Do you think you’ve proven anything to the rest of the roster?
“All I did was go out there and prove that I am for real… ya’ know? I believe that everyone was thinking that I was doing nothing but blowing smoke up their a** when I was saying that I one of the best, if not THE best, fighter on the roster. I contain all the tools necessary to reign supreme, and I plan on putting them to work. And, if they don’t want to believe me, then let them find out first hand.”
Q: Well, it’s obvious as to where you believe you stand in your division… but, let’s bring your size into play. It is possible to say that you are one of the smallest middleweights on the roster… is there a possibility that we will see you move down to welterweight in the future?
“Actually, I was wanting to move up to light heavyweight. I mean, my natural weight is about 188lbs to 190lbs, so it‘ll be a lot easier keeping weight. It was actually my original class as an amateur mixed martial artist and early in my professional career. Once I work my way up to the top in the middleweight division, it is a diffident possibly you will see me move up a weight class.”
Q: Alright, alright.. Now are there any big threats among the middleweights that you may be aware of?- any guys that really stand out to you?
“There are a few, but their irrelevant. I see flaws in their game that I will expose once I see them in the cage. “
Q: Okay.. Well, it’s been nice talking to you Kowashi- I appreciate you comments.
“Thank you, anytime.”

Sunday, 26 April 2009

FIGHT! For Their Lives I - Results & Recap

FIGHT! Held its first show at the HP Pavilion at San Jose tonight. The show was preceded by a meet and greet with fans featuring Jason Mercer, Dane Kinsley and Lightweight Dez Canada who wouldn’t be in action tonight.

Attendance was estimated at 11,000 with most tickets being sold in the days leading up to the event itself. The top layer of seats were blacked out.

The first match of the evening was an exciting back and forth encounter that pitted striker against grappler as Aramis Vasquez took on Rahm Petersen who was also making his competitive debut. Petersen would no doubt be looking to get the fight to the ground where he could work his incredible Jiu Jitsu.

“There’s no doubt that this fight favors me. Even though this is my MMA debut, we’re basically equal in the experience factor. I’ve been in countless Jiu-jitsu tournaments, and he’s only been in three fights. With that comes the fact that he hasn’t seen me fight, he doesn’t really know how I will translate to MMA. The only people who know what my game is like are the guys that I train with at Milwaukee Top Team.”

“I’m ready. I have something to prove. It’s going to be hard for Vasquez to be elusive when I’m smothering him, and looking for limbs to take home with me. Honestly…I’m not leaving that Octagon unless I have one of his arms with me to put on top of my mantle place.”

Vasquez looked fired up, while Petersen looked anxious but as the bell rang, Petersen went all guns blazing and immediately dumped Vasquez down hard before quickly moving to side control and then effortlessly to ful mount, all within the first minute. An armbar attempt from Petersen didn’t pan out and Vasquez was able to get back to guard, though he was looking totally bewildered at the frantic pace and sublime skills Petersen was demonstrating. Unfortunately, Petersen spent most of the remainder of the round stuck in Vasquez’s guard, and taking some hard body shots. With a few seconds left, Petersen passed into mount again but time ran out.

Round two began with Vasquez getting the better of a striking exchange with a stiff low kick. After spending most of round one on his back, Vasquez was looking to take the spring out of Petersens step. Vasquez kept his distance and began to loosen up before _rocking_ Petersen with a right hand. Vasquez dived down onto the stunned Petersen but inexplicably found himself on his own back with Petersen looming over him. Again though, despite working for position, Petersen showed a reluctance to strike. It’s a round that could go either way with Vasquez doing the damage but Petersen showing control.

A touch of gloves sees round three begin and immediately Petersen looks to shoot, but he eats a hard low kick. The duo clinch and Petersen tries for a Kimura but Vasquez easily breaks free. Petersen looks in good shape and starts to bully Vasquez around the Octagon before taking it to the ground easily. Petersen again controlled the action without really threatening and the crowd were growing restless until Vasquez managed to kick Petersen away and get back to his feet looking for a grand stand finish. Vasquez went hard at it for the final thirty seconds, but could only land a leg kick and a few shots inside the clinch.

The judges have it...

29-28 Petersen
29-28 Vasquez


29-28 Petersen

Rahm Petersen wins by split decision. Vasquez isn’t happy about it, but he didn’t do enough to convince the judges.

It was here that we cut backstage to where Jason Mercer is working on sparring with one of his partners for a moment as Nicole Markson, an interviewer for, awaits her chance to talk to the former Fury-Pro superstar.

Nicole Markson: Jason, if we could get a word with you before this fight?

Jason Mercer: (stops sparring) Sure Nicole. Take five Reggie. Don't go too far though.

NM: First off, welcome to Fight!! and welcome back to the States. I noticed that you dropped down from Middleweight to Welterweight in coming here. What was the motivation behind it and was the cut difficult for you?

JM: You know, it wasn't that difficult for me to cut down to 170. At times in Fury-Pro I fought well under 185, and I took the chance to see if I could make the cut in a couple fights since and I found that it wasn't as hard as I thought. Granted that last week before weigh-ins I'd feel like hell but once I got on the scales I found that it was all worth it.

NM: And what of your opponent tonight, Kyle McIntosh, who's making his debut against you?

JM: Kyle, all I gotta say is I'm sorry I gotta spoil your coming out party and put a 1 in the L column for you. It's unfortunate bro, but you gotta go through me.

NM: Rumor has it that there might be some representatives of your old team, Tenchu-Do in the audience tonight, including your old nemesis Garrett Bishop. Any comment on that?

JM: Nah, none whatsoever. I'm not here to revisit the past, I'm going forward into the future, and I'm ready to do that here in FIGHT!!!

NM: Thanks Jason, back to you guys at cageside...

The second fight of the evening promised be a wrestling clinic. Former FURYPRO competitor Damian Cruise took on the Japanese competitor, Chizuko Kowashi. Both men weighed in well below the 185lb maximum and at 5’6, Kowashi could easily make the cut down to Welterweight.

Chizkuo Kowashi sits in front of the FIGHT! Backdrop. He sports an orange & white Paramount Fight Club t-shirt, with a pair of sun glasses hanging from the collar. Kowashi is translated by an American with a thick Japanese accent.

CK: I consider myself one of the top middleweights in the world. I’ve proven what I was capable of in Japan, and I plan on doing it in the States’. I have came a long way since I was first under the tutelage of Master Shin’ya Funabashi, and under his wing I have honed my skills to become one of the best. Though the Americans may not know, nor care, they will soon fell my presence in their Nation.

Kowashi was then asked about the amount of talent in his weight class, and how he stacked against them.

CK: I give them all credit, I’m not the type to degrade another man with pointless slander. I’m sure they’ve all put in time at their respective gyms, have the mental and physical drive, and I’m sure they all are tough… but, I’m a different breed. A lot of those guys are one dimensional. While they may excel in one attribute, they may lack in another. I’m not like that. I can take you down and pound you out, I can get myself out of any submission, and I can strike with some of the best boxers around. I’m the best of all worlds.

When asked about his future in American MMA, Kowashi had this to say…

CK: I’ve came to America, the Mecca of mixed martial-arts, to prove that I belong. Ever since I was little, I’ve been written off as the nobody- the underdog. I’m here to prove that I can rise above and take control. I‘m here to make waves and make myself a name. I’m out for blood.

And, the camera fades.

Both men looked motivated and as the bell rang, Damian Cruise came out with a good one-two combination which seemed to catch Kowashi by surprise and spurred him on to find a convincing takedown. From side control, Kowashi delivered some hard strikes which bruised up Cruise’s left eye. Kowashi clearly smelled blood and made his way into full mount where he continued to unload but Cruise rallied and hung on for dear life. Lesser men might have curled up and died, but Cruise fought his way back to half guard. True to form, the wrestler was finding it difficult from his back and absorbing punishment.

Halfway through the round, Kowashi nearly had Cruise finished as he unloaded a barrage of strikes. The powerful Japanese fighter was in total control, but Cruise was hanging on. Kowashi moved into full mount and continued his assault opening up a cut on Cruise’s cheek and chin. The referee was inches away from stopping it, but Cruise did enough to convince him otherwise.

Kowashi though wouldn’t stop, and after softening Cruise up with body shots he left the referee with no choice but to stop the fight. Cruise was a mess and really just found himself unable to find a way to get Kowashi off of him. It was a very convincing performance by the Japanese fighter and he was humble in defeat raising the arm of Cruise afterwards.

Chizuko Kowashi wins by TKO! [3:23 RD 1]

The exciting Dane Kinsley was up next. With a record of 14-6, he has some of the most lethal hands in the business. But Jeremy Brown boasts impressive Muay Thai credentials and the crowd were hyped for the match and the pre-fight interviews only made things more enthralling.

“This is my opportunity to get out of the scrub leagues. First, second, third, whatever round, as long as I'm standing and he's on the mat takin' a nap, it's goin' to be an awesome night for me.”

“I don't think this guy has enough to beat me. I've had twenty fights, he's had six? I'm already battle tested, getting my ass handed to me and learning from it, so I could figure out what I'm doin' out there.”

“I figure this fight'll be over by the second. My fist'll be in his face and my foot'll be up his ass real soon and we'll see how good this man is, 'cause I don't have any gear but forward. Can he handle the pressure?”

I'll find out and let ya know.”

"The first FIGHT! show, and I'm matched up with Dane 'Banger' Kinsley. Go figure; my knees against his jaw. Even worse, his hands against my face! Not exactly the best match-up for me, but I've had worse, and come out on top."

"I'm gonna go out there and try to do what I do best, honestly. I'm pretty quick, so I don't know that Dane's fists can catch me, and I really want to test his chin with my knee. They say its 'iron', but I think I can turn it into a cheap aluminum can, hah!"

Both Brown and Kinsley were eager to start, and Kinsley had to be held back in his corner. Everybody was expecting a war, and they weren’t left disappointed.

The pair came out swinging and it was Dane ‘Banger’ Kinsley who got the better of things landing a strong right hand right from the off. Brown came back with a knee, but Kinsley was looking confident dancing around the Octagon before staggering Brown with a nasty straight right. Brown hit the deck hard barely a minute in, and it looked like the fight was all but over. Kinsley stalked before landing a _stunning_ stomp. Somehow Brown got back to his feet, but he was clearly still dazed as a confident Kinsley chopped away with kicks to the thigh and a punishing left hook.

Brown looked to use his Muay Thai and clinch, but ate an uppercut. Kinsley was really dominating the stand up, and knocked Brown down a second time with another uppercut. Brown was quickly back up, but with a minute left in the round he was taking hard hard shots. Rights and lefts were coming from all angles but Brown managed to catch Kinsley _hard_ and ‘Banger’ was hurt. An incredible turn around at the end of the round saw Jeremy Brown coming forward looking to end the fight.

An absolutely electric first round, Brown looked dead and buried at one point but he dug deep and came back strong at the end of the round. Round two had a lot to live up to and once again, it delivered.

A touch of the gloves from both fighters showed that they knew what a war they were in. Brown tried to work the clinch, but a rapier like strike to the chest doubled him over within seconds. Kinsley again stalked, probing with soccer kicks and refusing to allow Brown up to his feet. The referee intervened and brought the fight back up to its feet where Kinsley took control with a strong counter punch and then a big hook. Before long, Brown was down again and this time Kinsley didn’t waste any time connecting with a _hard_ soccer kick to the head. Kinsley began to wail away with leg kicks which echoed around the venue but seemed to grow frustrated that he couldn’t land any more telling strikes and allowed the bloodied Brown to his feet.

The pair hit the side of the Octagon and Kinsley began to unload with dirty boxing. He really worked the body. With a minute left in the round the pair exchanged hard leg kicks, but as Brown came forward with a Superman punch he was staggered with a _nasty_ middle kick. Kinsley faked a one-two before landing a _brutal_ right hand _right on the button_. Brown hit the deck like he’d been shot and it was all over in spectacular fashion.

Dane Kinsley wins by KO! [4:54 RD 2]

An incredible stat shows that Dane Kinsley landed 87% of his punches in that fight, phenomenal performance and surely the Fight Of The Night.

Dutchman Aaldert Daaf was up next, taking on Grant Prosser [USA] in the Light Heavyweight division. Once again, both men were pure strikers but while Prosser liked to use his hands, Daaf was all about the kickboxing skills.

“Uh…I am excited to be…aahh…competing in FIGHT! MMA, and…uh…grateful that I am given the opportunity to have…a strong fight in my debut.”

“Grant Prosser has strong standup skills, but…uhmm…if I say so, my stand up could be stronger than his. Being from Holland, well…uhm, we take kickboxing very seriously, yeah? All respect to Prosser, but after this fight, I will invite him to come to Holland, and ayyyh, train at Team Handhaven, if he so wishes.”

“On Sunday, best wishes to you, Grant Prosser, but ah…Ik zal Handhaven. I shall stand fast.”

Daaf came out with a beautiful liver kick that visibly buckled Prosser but the American continued, for better or worse. Daaf was really connecting with his kicks and Prosser didn’t have an answer, his aptitude with his feet also allowed him to express himself with his hands and barely a minute into the fightProsser was opened up above the eye after a wild haymaker.

Prosser was knocked to the ground after a series of body shots, Daaf had softened the area up earlier with a hard middle kick. Daaf managed to land a soccer kick before Prosser was stood up by the referee, though he’d probably wish he hadn’t.

Prosser surprised Daaf with a punch that found a way through and immediately Prosser uncharacteristically looked to shoot but he ended up eating a knee which absolutely _wrecked_ him. And probably broke his nose.

Aaldert Daaf wins by KO! [3:29 RD 2]

Much like Kinsley, Daaf landed a ridiculous amount of his strikes. 83% of his kicks finding a home.

The co-main event of the evening was the match with the most interest after the weigh-ins. Welterweights Jason Mercer and Kyle McIntosh had shared words, with Mercer than main antagonist. Mercer would have to find a way to stop the Muay Thai and solid Jiu Jitsu of McIntosh, but he has the experience edge to do it.

[In a simple studio, Kyle “Stretch” McIntosh slouches back in a simple chair. Behind him is a giant FIGHT! Logo.]

"With the depth of the welterweight division right now, I have been anticipating a fight with Mercer since I've got here. Options are sparse for now, but this is the fight I've wanted. Right now, I value him as the best in the Welterweight division right now.. on paper. Me, I'm a relative unknown, but Mercer has been around and has got some key wins against some of the top international competition. This is the fight that I've wanted. I want the best opponent available, and whomever that is... I want to knock his head off!"

[McIntosh sits up straight.]

"Put it this way, when you head out to the bar or pub, you always take your shot on the hot chicks, right? Maybe you get lucky, maybe you don’t- but you at least try.. or have 10 beers..ha, before you reside yourself to some of the low-hanging fruit... the easy scores. Those other shit-bums will always be around, but Jason Mercer, the hot chick, will only be around for a little while longer. He’s not going to be the best anymore. I am going to make sure of this."

[McIntosh flashes a small grin and then nods his head to whatever he just thought of.]

"I've had the chance to go back and watch some of his fights in Fury-Pro. I know what he's about. He's got some deadly submissions, but if he wants to take the fight to the ground like he usually does, he's going to see that I'm no slouch at Jiu Jitsu myself. It will be him that's tapping out this time around. Keep it up, and I'll kick his head off. Pick your poison."

[Fade out.]

Mercer was looking confident in his corner as McIntosh paced in his. Mercer had the ability to dictate where this match would take place with his superior wrestling, but he had to pick his poison matching up to the dangerous Muay Thai or BJJ or McIntosh. This had the makings of a classic encounter.

From the outset, it was clear that Mercer wanted to get things to the ground, and he managed just that with an early single leg takedown. Mercer patiently worked for position but McIntosh found a way back up. Mercer again went looking for the takedown, but before he managed it, McInitosh delivered some hard knees from inside the clinch. Mercer again worked hard and got off some strikes from inside the guard of McIntosh but he wasn’t able to keep his opponent down. The wrestling of McIntosh seemingly better than expected.

Mercer continued to work for takedowns, but he continually received punishment as he went for them. McIntosh had bruised up his opponents ribs but was himself breathing heavily and stalling. Mercer bullied McIntosh against the fence and the pair stayed locked up until the end of the round. McIntosh looked the happier of the two as he returned to his corner. Mercer had kept a fast pace up though and maybe it would come back to haunt McIntosh in later rounds.

A touch of the gloves started round two and a similar pattern of play developed. Mercer kept looking for the takedown, but McIntosh was showing great defense and making his opponent pay for each failed attempt. The pair found themselves stuck in a clinch against the fence where McIntosh landed a couple of _hard_ knees. Mercer was relentless but as the round came to a close he was visibly frustrated. McIntosh was elusive enough to avoid his strikes, and good enough to stuff his takedowns. What could he change to make the third round his?

Round three began with another quick takedown, but Mercer as quick to follow up with a body kick which caught McIntosh by surprise. Mercer initiated a clinch of his own and landed a couple of knees to the face. Had his early pace taken its toll on McIntosh? Mercer was moving well, bobbing and weaving and firing out his jab. An exchange in the centre of the Octagon brought the crowd to their feet, but no telling blows were landed. Sensing a change in momentum, Mercer again went looking for a takedown but to no avail.

Mercer was really mixing up his gameplan and taking control of the round with his clever boxing. McIntosh was struggling to cope despite the encouragement from his corner. Mercer connected with a few leg kicks before changing levels and shooting for a takedown. McIntosh struggled, but he couldn’t stop it! Mercer had the fight on the ground but McIntosh squirmed on landing and found himself on top. Mercer couldn’t believe it.

Desperate to finish the fight, Mercer swung up his legs looking for a Triangle and for a few seconds it looked as if he had it. McIntosh was struggling, but he found a way out. Mercer was back to his feet and swinging with purpose, but he ran out of time and the match went to the judges decision.

The judges have it...

29-28 McIntosh
29-28 McIntosh


30-27 McIntosh

Kyle McIntosh wins by unanimous decision. The damage he inflicted in the first two rounds proving enough. Whoever judged it 30-27 needs to get another job because Mercer had the third in the bag. If this had gone five rounds, Mercer might well have come out on top but as it stands, McIntosh gets a big victory.

The after fight stats show that Mercer only managed 3 from 21 takedown attempts which really is where things went wrong for him.

The final fight of the evening saw two Heavyweights collide. Michael Cross is a massive mountain of a man, but perhaps his best days are behind him. Oleg Maksimov is a tough competitor who is comfortable on his feet or on the ground. No doubt that Cross would be looking for an early knockout because the longer this fight went on, the worse it would be for him.

The fans were behind Cross and the token USA chant went up as the bell rang for round one. Maksimov started with a furious pace with one, two, three takedown attempts. The third one saw Cross dumped on his back and within a minute, Maksimov had fought his way into full mount. Cross did a good job of avoiding damage, wrapping his huge arms around the upper back of Maksimov who began to work the body with short punches.

Cross began to grow in confidence and started to fire powerful strikes from his back but this opened him up for a barrage of strikes from maksimov who came within seconds of finishing the fight. Cross’s corner screamed at him to hold on and work back to guard. The big American managed just that, but in doing so he absorbed more punishment and his left eye began to close up.

Maksimov worked for position for much of the round and with a minute left, he found his way back into mount where he punished Cross heavily. Maksimov had the fight in the bag, but over-exuberance saw Cross sweep him. Maksimov though had done the damage and Cross was in no position to take advantage. Maksimov kept busy until the end of the round. Cross was a mess, gasping for breath and with both eyes swollen.

Maksimov kept the pressure up in the second round and bullied Cross against the fence. Risking punishment, Cross held the fence to avoid the takedown but he soon found himself dragged down. Maksimov landed several strikes from the top before Cross stifled him by holding.

Maksimov did enough to remain active, peppering the body of Cross at every opportunity and occasionally landing a few strikes to the head. Cross was in no position to continue and at 2:49, the Russian landed some telling blows which opened up a cut across his opponents eyebrow. Cross wasn’t defending himself and the referee jumped in to stop the fight. Cross protested, but replays show him curling up and offering nothing in defence. The fight was over!

Oleg Maksimov wins by TKO! [2:49 RD 2]

A great night of FIGHT! Action came to a close. As promised, the show featured some excellent bouts and the crowd left happy.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

FIGHT! For their Lives weigh-in news and notes

The FIGHT! Weigh-ins were held earlier today, followed by a short Q&A with FIGHT! Promoter, Jake Morgan. Some 1000 fans turned up to the weigh-ins which overall had a good atmosphere and positive reaction.

Michael Cross [260lbs] vs Oleg Maksimov [242lbs]

Jason Mercer [170lbs] vs Kyle McIntosh [170lbs]

Aaldert Daaf [205lbs] vs Grant Prosser [206lbs]

Dane 'Banger' Kinsley [180lbs] [JPN] vs Jeremy Brown [185lbs]

Chizuko Kowashi [177lbs] vs Damian Cruise [175lbs]

Aramis Vasquez [155lbs] vs Rahm Petersen [156lbs]

- The match between Kowashi and Cruise would seem to be the battle of the undersized Middleweights, neither man coming in anywhere near the maximum weight. You can add Dane Kinsley to that as well.

- Dutchman Aaldert Daaf looked incredibly lean, but might have trouble coping with the much thicker looking Prosser in their match. The pair shook hands and showed mutual respect after the token staredown.

- Michael Cross looked very soft for his match with Oleg Maksimov.

- Jason Mercer tried his best to get in the face of Kyle McIntosh but his opponent wasn’t having any of it. Mercer soon got the crowd on his back with his antics and this could well be the fight of the night. McIntosh simply nodded and smiled as Mercer got up close and personal.

- Vasquez/Petersen had some intensity as well with Petersen in particular looking ready to fight there and then.

-Stephen Greer, former FURY PRO combatant and one time professional wrestler was seen in attendance.

- Jake Morgan refused to confirm reports that a show will be held on May 24th, saying that the company was still exploring possibilities. He also stated that FIGHT! were looking to bring in the best fighters in the world, available or not.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

More FIGHT! signees

News coming out of FIGHT! Towers have confirmed several new signings to bolster the fledgling promotion's ranks. Jake Morgan certainly has his chequebook out to try and ensure that the FIGHT! roster is the best in the business.

Making his MMA debut with FIGHT! MMA, Rahm Petersen has an extensive Brazilian Jiu-jitsu background. Head BJJ instructor for the up and coming Milwaukee Top Team, Petersen has competed in the upper echelon of submission grappling for several years. No longer content training only one discipline, he’s looking to dive headfirst into Mixed Martial Arts, and hoping for big results.

“My Brazilian Jiu-jitsu credentials speak for themselves. I was awarded my black belt under Renaldo Gracie. I’ve been to the second round of the ADCC 77kg Division. I’ve competed at the Mundails in the 70kg Devision."

"I don’t care about being punched in the face. People romanticize the more brutal martial arts as producing the tougher fighters, but I will prove that Brazilian Jui-Jitsu is tougher than most other forms. I am confident in my toughness, in my heart, and especially in my submission abilities, and I will show them all in FIGHT! MMA.”

Another fighter making the jump to FIGHT! is Welterweight Kyle McIntosh [5-2-1] - also fighting out of Milwaukee Top Team. McIntosh is a well rounded fighter who looks to utlise his Muay Thai background where he can, but the American is also happy putting his significant Ju Jitsu skills to good use on the ground.

"I've got a lesser known profile than a lot of these guys here, so I feel to get the recognition, I need to make an immediate impact. I feel I'm pretty well rounded, but my strength is in my Muay Thai and I'd put it against anybody in FIGHT! The rules in FIGHT! are a little looser than I'm accustomed to, but this should play in my favor. I'm aching to get the biggest name opponents I can get. The bigger the name, the bigger the impact. "

"I know I'm from a smaller camp out of the Midwest, but MTT is going places just like I am. Rahm Peterson will be around also to assure the word is spread. The guy is one of my best sparing partners. He's a black belt in jiu-jitsu, has a long, lanky body and great guard, and his kickboxing is hard, with good technique. He's just starting as a professional though, so I guess he's MTT's secret weapon. I look for him to do big things at 155, like I plan on doing at 170. "

Two new Heavyweights have also been confirmed. Popular American slugger, Michael Cross [16-7-0] is joined by Russian Oleg Maksimov [8-1-0]. Going by the moniker 'The Marksman', Maksimov is a powerful fighter skilled in all aspects of the sport. Anyone stepping into the cage with him will have a hard job staying upright, be it from Maksimovs punishing kicks or his near unstoppable takedowns. Cross is a veteran of the sport, having amassed 23 professional bouts in a ten year career.

The exciting Japanese Middleweight Chizuko Kowashi [6-3-1] makes the move from Japan to FIGHT! The 34 year old wrestler is as tough as they come, and his shot is one of the most feared in the business. Once Kowashi gets someone down, they very rarely make it back to their feet.

Middleweight Jeremy "The Sensation" Brown [4-2-0], a Muay Thai fighter from Tenessee will be looking to put his dangerous clinch to good use when he steps inside the cage. The 27 year old trains with the well respected Phoenix Training Club and is sure to put on an exciting fight whenever called upon.

At 5'4, Del Canada [7-4-0] could easily be overlooked in the Lightweight division, but the Fresno native posesses some of the sickest Ju Jitsu in th world. Once Canada has a hold of something, he'll be looking to tear it clean off in record time. Canada has a chin seemingly made of granite making him a very dangerous proposition for anyone unfortunate enough to step into the cage with him.

William 'The Wookie' Wilson [12-5-0] adds his frenetic pace and energy sapping strength to the Welterweight division.

"I couldn't be happier to be signed up to FIGHT! I've challenged myself with some of the best in the business, but FIGHT! brings a whole new level of competition to the table. I'm looking to get off to a quick start and put myself in pole position for a title shot."

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

FIGHT! Strat

Once you've got yourself a match in FIGHT! the hard work begins. You'll have to put in the hours training, do your best to create a buzz about the fight, as well as make it to the weigh-ins in shape.



Fighter Name :

Fighter Opponent :


You may add 1 attribute point to any of your statistics [to a maximum of 20] per match you are involved in, this will count as 'training'. Motivation/Heart, Toughness and KO Resistance can not be upgraded. Once you have reached the maximum 20, I'll let you know.

If you have done enough to hype your match, you may receive additional attribute points as well.

Training Improvement :


Select from the below options [with an X] to put your strategy into action. If you want to try a different strategy per round [for example, you might feel that your conditioning will become a factor later in the fight and so may decide to start the fight slowly etc], simply place a 1, 2, 3 in the boxed area

Gameplan :
All-Round [ ]
Punches & kicks [ ]
Punches [ ]
Kicks [ ]
Clinch Striking [ ]
Go to the ground [ ]

Ground Gameplan :
Sub [ ]
GnP [ ]
Sub + GnP [ ]
LnP [ ]
Stand up [ ]

Clinch Gameplan :
All-Round [ ]
Punches [ ]
Knees [ ]
Punches + knees [ ]
Takedown/Throws [ ]
Avoid Clinching [ ]

Fight Mode :
Natural [ ]
Offensive [ ]
Defensive [ ]


Put a few details about your fighters actions at the weigh-ins, what they weigh in at [if overweight, provide some more info], how they react to the staredowns etc .

Weigh-in weight :

Stare down reaction:


This is the biggy, set the stage and create the hype for the fight. The usual rules apply, keep things simple. Fighter A sitting down talking in front of a black background. Somewhere in the lines of 250 to 500 words should do it.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

FIGHT! bring in two more

The ranks of California based MMA promotion, FIGHT! were swelled today with the confirmed signings of two top competitors.

Jason Mercer, who trains with Team No Mercy up in big Bear CA will be joining the FIGHT! Welterweight division, and, with a 12-3 record is already being considered the front runner for the Title Belt. A patient technician, Mercer enjoyed success early in his career in Japan before returning to North America.

Mercer had this to say:

"Well I'm glad to say that I'm back here in the US, finally back in the big time where I belong. I've been doing a lot of my due diligence lately with running my own team now, and I'd just like to say that Team No Mercy is accepting any fighters who want to join up, and we're more than happy to train with any of the other teams out there save for Team Tenchu-Do. I look forward to making sure that the Welterweight division here in the US learns what fear is all about."
Also confirmed to be joining FIGHT! on an initial three bout contract will be Dane Kinsley. Who is Dane Kinsley? Aside from being one of the many signings for FIGHT! MMA, Dane Kinsley is a 25 year old middleweight from Chicago with a 14 and 6 record. The man known simply as "Banger" is considered one of the top up and coming strikers in the fight game with an iron chin to go with his hands of stone. All 14 of his victories have come by way of knockout, while his 6 losses have come by either submission or decision early on his career. Once Kinsley developed the necessary defensive skills to maximize his stand up game, the sky has seemed to be the beginning rather than the limit for the kid from the Second City.

Although a date has not been officially set for the debut FIGHT! show, May 24th has been heavily rumored. Further developments are set to be released over the coming days.

Sunday, 19 April 2009

The FIGHT! Handbook

***updated 19 April 2009***


1] What is FIGHT!

1.1] In Character
1.2] Out of Character

2] How it works
2.1] Overview
2.2] Attributes
2.3] Stratting
2.3] Promo'ing
2.4] Attributes Gains/Losses
2.5] Weight Classes
2.6] Titles
2.7] Fight Rules

3]. Applying
3.1] Application


FIGHT! is the latest MMA promotion to be launched in the UNITED STATES, more specifically California and the surrounding area.

The promotion is backed by self-made multi-millionaire (via Telecoms) and MMA enthusiast, Jake Morgan who previously helped fund the JAPAN based FURY-PRO organisation between 2006-07.

His vision is to once again create a stable yet spectacular MMA promotion that will output its shows via Pay-Per-View and DVD. Morgan also hopes to get some time on a national TV network in the near future.

Favouring the traditional 'octagon' as well as a ruleset which allows for stomps, soccer kicks and knees to the head of downed opponents, Mr Morgan has promised hard-hitting action, enthusiastic support and an endless pot of money for FIGHT! as he looks to quickly establish the promotion as the home of great fights and fighters.


FIGHT! will be a low maintenance v/e-fed targeting those people interested in MMA, the second that I will have put my name behind (the first being FURY-PRO).

Using a heavily customised MMA generator, FIGHT! will deliver 1 monthly Pay-Per-View event. The match reports themselves will be worked over by myself to provide a cleaner, friendlier and more engaging read than that which is churned out by the sim, results will however be in a clipped, recap style.

All results will be determined by the sim, I don't believe it is possible to script an MMA match and so won't be attempting to do so, sometimes you get shocks, surprises, wars or snooze-fests.

FIGHT! will allow for career players to improve their characters statistics within the match generator and watch them suffer shock defeats, score amazing against the odds victories and finally climb to the top of their weight class. I'll also accept applications from people who simply want to send in a character, I'll take them on and handle any strategy/improvements they may have - but, I'd appreciate you checking back and occasionally sending across a press release or two or drop me an email to keep the character going in the direction you want.

FIGHT! is a work in progress, I know MMA and the sim but how they inter-relate is going to take time to figure out. I encourage any feedback and comments/suggestions on how things are going. Having run the fairly successful FURY-PRO a couple of years back, I'm confident that FIGHT! can reach the same standard.

***updated 19 April 2009***

FIGHT! is different to most e-feds because there are varying aspects that affect how well your fighter performs, be it the traditional PROMO's you put out giving you a boost or the STRATEGISING you embark on proving to be the difference.

FIGHT! will be run as a 'career-sim'. Do not expect your fighter to max out all stats and become an unstoppable phenom, that just wouldn't be fun. Instead, if your fighter is on the end of three consecutive losses you can expect to be receiving a pink slip in the post. And how many 40 year old superstars are there really likely to be.

Equally, if you are on the end of a crushing flash KO loss, that chin of yours won't be as tough as it once was. Will you continue to stand and trade, opening yourself up for yet more damage, or will you adapt your gameplan and try to protect what you have... these are the decisions that will make FIGHT! more than just a simple e-fed. To be successful, you need to look at the bigger picture.

Match purses will be released after the events, along with any Fight of the Night, KO of the Night and Submission of the Night bonuses.

I'm looking at how sponsorship could work.

***updated 19 April 2009***

The generator used for FIGHT! allows you to create a detailed character with a series of abilities including CONDITIONING, AGGRESSIVENESS, PUNCHING, KICKING, SUBMISSION etc etc.

Each attribute has a value assigned to it and it is these values that you can improve over the course of time depending on your wins/losses etc. All stats are capped at 20, you can't get higher than that.

Once your fighter reaches 280 attribute points total, they will stop gaining and the only way is downhill. Moving from 250 points to 280 is likely to take a long time, if ever, but fighters do not stay at the top of their game for long, make the most of your success and the money it brings.


Your match strat will allow you to fight in various styles and adjust how often you want to attempt various kicks, strikes, takedowns etc. This means you can try and counter your STRIKER opponent by closing the distance and going for take-downs etc.

***updated 19 April 2009***

The ability to create hype around a fighter is an important part of FIGHT! The more people get behind the character, the more rewards that fighter is likely to receive.

During each cycle, there will be several opportunities to promo.

Leading up to your fight, you can release news and rumours, interviews and more to create 'the buzz'.

These will occur the day before each event, and offer the opportunity to add some further depth to your fighter. You can come in on, under or over weight - initiate a tense staredown, crack a joke etc. These small snippets of information will help to make your character more accessible to the viewing public.

As is the norm, before each match, the fighters have the opportunity to have the final word.

Post-Event Press Conference
After every show, the fighters get the opportunity to reflect on their matches.

***updated 19 April 2009***


You may add 1 attribute point to any of your statistics [to a maximum of 20] per match you are involved in, this will count as 'training'. Motivation/Heart, Toughness and KO Resistance can not be upgraded.

It is possible, that consistent work in hyping your character will result in additional attribute points being awarded. Newsbytes, pre-match, post-match and weigh-in material will all be taken in to account.

Match Outcomes
Match outcomes/injuries will have an effect on your fighters attributes and popularity.


Weight classes are as follows. In future, it may be possible to fight above your weight or even fight above your designated weight [assuming you 'cut' weight for the weigh in.] Currently though, you fall into the below categories.

Lightweight - over 145 lbs. to 155 lbs.
Lightweights can be 4'11" - 6'0" tall.
Lightweights over 5'8 receive a 1 point penalty for every inch over 5'8
Lightweights under 5'5 receive a 1 point bonus for every inch under 5'5

Welterweight - over 155 lbs. to 170 lbs.
Welterweights can be 5'5" - 6'2" tall.
Welterweights over 5'10 receive a 1 point penalty for every inch over 5'10
Welterweights under 5'7 receive a 1 point bonus for every inch under 5'7

Middleweight - over 170 lbs. to 185 lbs.
Middleweights can be 5'6" - 6'4" tall.
Middleweights over 6'1 receive a 1 point penalty for every inch over 6'1
Middleweights under 5'10 receive a 1 point bonus for every inch under 5'10

Light Heavyweight - over 185 lbs. to 205 lbs.
Light Heavyweights can be 5'7" - 6'5" tall.
Light Heavyweights over 6'3 receive a 1 point penalty for every inch over 6'3
Light Heavyweights under 5'11 receive a 1 point bonus for every inch under 5'11

Heavyweight - over 205 lbs. to 265 lbs.
Heavyweights can be 6'0" - 6'8" tall.
Light Heavyweights over 6'5 receive a 1 point penalty for every inch over 6'5
Light Heavyweights under 6'2 receive a 1 point bonus for every inch under 6'2


FIGHT! will feature a WORLD TITLE for each weight class. Challengers will be decided by the rankings and provocative media output.


The FIGHT! rulebook can be found here. As a general overview, Soccer Kicks, Stomps, Knees and Elbows to a downed opponent are allowed. Bouts are 3x5 minute rounds, with 2 further rounds in a Championship fight.


In the interests of creating a balance, all characters will start off with an equal footing and be allowed a certain number of points to distribute across their attributes [250]. In the UNLIKELY event I agree to let in a character with a 'history' special dispensations will be made.

Please don't bother sending in any 'wrestling' characters who are currently active in an e-fed. It's one or the other please...


If you've made it this far, you might be interested in applying. So click here...

Saturday, 18 April 2009

FIGHT! Roster

Ivan 'The Terrible' Vyacheslav [RUS]
6'3 | 243lbs
Iron chinned striker
Manhattan Fight Project
Jamtsangiin Daisetin [MON]
6'2 | 265lbs
Mongolian Wrestling
Keijiro Maeda [JPN]
6'3 | 248lbs
Takado Dojo
Michael Cross [USA]
6'4 | 260lbs
Strong puncher
Wildman Gym
Oleg Anatoliy Maksimov [RUS]
6'4 | 243lbs
Sambo, Judo, Muay Thai
Team Taipan
Rodrigo Alvarez [BRA]
6'3 | 254lbs
Dirty Boxing, Ground n' Pound
Brazil Fight Club
Stephen Greer [USA]
6'3 | 265lbs
Well rounded
Danger Zone

Light Heavyweights
Aaldert Daaf [HOL]
6'2 | 205lbs
Kickboxing, Muay Thai
Team Handhaven
Demarcus Jones [USA]
6'4 | 205lbs
Team Unleashed
Grant Prosser [USA]
5'11 | 205lbs
Aggressive striker
Graziano 'Sandman' Sanchez [USA]
6'0 | 205lbs
Dominant wrestler
Ikaika Boswick [USA/HAWAII]
5'11 | 205lbs
Stand up warrior
Freelance Basement Fighters Inc
Scott Jerald [USA]
6'1 | 205lbs
Takigawa Shinsaku [JPN]
6'0 | 205lbs
Heavy handed submission master

Chizuko Kowashi [JPN]
5'6 | 177lbs
Superior wrestler w/ flexible clinch
Chuujitsu Dojo
Damian Cruise [CAN]
5'8 | 175lbs
Aggressive grappler
Canadian Cripplers Club
Dane 'Banger' Kinsley [USA]
6'0 | 185lbs
Pure Striker, Good Defense
American Fighter Institute
Jeremy Brown [USA]
5'10 | 185lbs
Muay Thai
Phoenix Training Club
Richie Eamon [USA]
5'9 | 185lbs
Italian Fight Club

Jason Mercer [USA]
6'0 | 170lbs
Patient Tactician
Team No Mercy
Julius Rembrandt [USA]
6'1 | 170lbs
Kickboxing, Jiu-Jitsu - Knockout Artist, Legit Ground Threat
The Razor Pit
Kyle McIntosh [USA]
6'1 | 170lbs
Muay Thai, BJJ
Milwaukee Top Team
William 'The Wookie' Wilson [USA]
5'10 | 170lbs
Powerful wrestler
Wildman Gym

Aramis Vasquez [USA]
5'11 | 155lbs
Elusive striker
Head Hunter Academy
Del Canada [USA]
5'4 | 154lbs
Beverly Hills Jiu Jitsu
Rahm Petersen [USA]
6'0 | 155lbs
Milwaukee Top Team


Please send all applications to

Thursday, 16 April 2009

The FIGHT! roster grows

The newly announced California based MMA promotion backed by telecoms millionaire Jake Morgan, FIGHT!, today released initial details of it's roster members. These included some familiar faces from FURY PRO, an organisation backed by Morgan several years ago.

Most excitingly, FIGHT! revealed that it had come to a five fight agreement with Keijiro Maeda. the twenty-eight year old Judo and Jujitsu practitioner is a huge star in his native Japan, largely due to his direct blood relation to one of mixed martial arts founding fathers, Mitsuya Maeda. Maeda brings an impressive record of 14-4-1 with most wins by way of submission.

Another fighter from the Orient making the move to North America will be Light Heavyweight Takigawa Shinsaku [19-7-0], who fans may remember from his time in FURY PRO where he became the Light Heavyweight Title Holder. Shinsaku is a crowd pleaser, who, despite excellent ground skills likes nothing more than to stand and bang.

Another light heavyweight joining the FIGHT! ranks is the wild Hawaiian, Ikaika Boswick [9-6-3]. Boswick always makes for exciting fights with his explosive stand up and willingness to trade.

Another coup for FIGHT! will be the arrival of Russian Heavyweight, Ivan 'The Terrible' Vyacheslav [12-1-0] who boasts one of the toughest chins in the game. A former FURY PRO Heavyweight Champion, Vyacheslav is riding a seven fight win streak.

Other signees include Light Heavyweights Graziano Sanchez [7-2-0], Scott Jerald [4-0-0], Grant Prosser [5-2-0] and Middleweight Richie Eamon.

More signings are set to be confirmed later this week.

Find out more on the FIGHT! website

Monday, 13 April 2009

FIGHT! Rulebook

FIGHT! bouts occurs in the famous caged Octagon.

Weight classes:
Lightweight - over 145 lbs. to 155 lbs.
Welterweight - over 155 lbs. to 170 lbs.
Middleweight - over 170 lbs. to 185 lbs.
Light Heavyweight - over 185 lbs. to 205 lbs.
Heavyweight - over 205 lbs. to 265 lbs.

Bout duration:
All non-championship bouts shall be three rounds.
All championship bouts shall be five rounds.
Rounds will be five minutes in duration.
A one-minute rest period will occur between each round.

1. Butting with the head.
2. Eye gouging of any kind.
3. Biting.
4. Hair pulling.
5. Fish hooking.
6. Groin attacks of any kind.
7. Putting a finger into any orifice or into any cut or laceration on an opponent.
8. Small joint manipulation.
9. Striking to the spine or the back of the head.
10. Striking downward using the point of the elbow.
11. Throat strikes of any kind, including, without limitation, grabbing the trachea.
12. Clawing, pinching or twisting the flesh.
13. Grabbing the clavicle.
14. Kicking to the kidney with the heel.
15. Spiking an opponent to the canvas on his head or neck.
16. Throwing an opponent out of the ring or fenced area.
17. Holding the shorts or gloves of an opponent.
18. Spitting at an opponent.
19. Engaging in an unsportsmanlike conduct that causes an injury to an opponent.
20. Holding the ropes or the fence.
21. Using abusive language in the ring or fenced area.
22. Attacking an opponent on or during the break.
23. Attacking an opponent who is under the care of the referee.
24. Attacking an opponent after the bell has sounded the end of the period of unarmed combat.
25. Flagrantly disregarding the instructions of the referee.
26. Timidity, including, without limitation, avoiding contact with an opponent, intentionally or consistently dropping the mouthpiece or faking an injury.
27. Interference by the corner.
28. Throwing in the towel during competition.

Ways To Win:
1. Submission by:
Physical tap out.
Verbal tap out.
2. Technical knockout by the referee stopping the contest.
3. Decision via the scorecards.
4. Technical decision.
5. Technical draw.
6. Disqualification.
7. Forfeit.
8. No contest.

Referee may Restart the round:
If the fighters reach a stalemate and do not work to improve position or finish.

FIGHT! Application

If you want to be a part of FIGHT! fill out the details below. There are two ways to get involved, send in any character and sit back and watch how they progress with the attributes and strategy you've outlined for them - or, take more control and guide them through match by match with varying strategies to earn bonus attribute points.



Full Name:

Common Name/Nickname:



Country, Town:

Birth Year:


Training Camp:

In cage style :

Fighter Appearance (Or leave for the next part):

Fighter Picbase/Sherdog ID (A visual guide for the fighter, preferably an existing MMA competitor as I plan on creating show posters etc) :


Determines what kind of a fighter you have created, will they stand and trade or look to take it to the ground.

Gameplan :
All-Round [ ]
Punches & kicks [ ]
Punches [ ]
Kicks [ ]
Clinch Striking [ ]
Go to the ground [ ]

Ground Gameplan :
Sub [ ]
GnP [ ]
Sub + GnP [ ]
LnP [ ]
Stand up [ ]

Clinch Gameplan :
All-Round [ ]
Punches [ ]
Knees [ ]
Punches + knees [ ]
Takedown/Throws [ ]
Avoid Clinching [ ]

Fight Style :
Fair and square [ ]
Occasional fouls [ ]
Fights dirty [ ]

Tries fancy strikes:

Tries fancy submissions:


Give each of the following categories a value 1-20. If you are entering a character you wish to 'progress' over time, the sum of these attributes must not be more than 250. You can also only max out [give a value of 20 to] one attribute, give a value of 19 to one attribute and a value of 18 to one attribute. In addition to this, you may only have 10 attributes [inclusive of the 20, 19, 18 values detailed above] with values above 15. This is to ensure more well rounded fighters, and reduce the risk of 'super-freak' fighters.

Please note the max/minimum heights detailed in the handbook.

If you are entering a character without the intention of closley following their progress, all attributes should value between 200 and 250

Punching :
Kicking :
Strength :
Clinch :
Agility :
Dodging :
Motivation/Heart :
Takedowns :
Takedown defense :
GnP :
Ground game :
Submissions :
Sub defense :
Conditioning :
Toughness :
Control :
Aggressiveness :
KO Resistance :

Dictates statistics which can not be upgraded.


FIGHT! will announce all signings with a short PR piece. If you have any comments, please place them below. Something short along the lines of "I'm happy to be here, looking forward to the first fight etc" will do.

Please send all applications to