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The FIGHT! Handbook

***updated 19 April 2009***


1] What is FIGHT!

1.1] In Character
1.2] Out of Character

2] How it works
2.1] Overview
2.2] Attributes
2.3] Stratting
2.3] Promo'ing
2.4] Attributes Gains/Losses
2.5] Weight Classes
2.6] Titles
2.7] Fight Rules

3]. Applying
3.1] Application


FIGHT! is the latest MMA promotion to be launched in the UNITED STATES, more specifically California and the surrounding area.

The promotion is backed by self-made multi-millionaire (via Telecoms) and MMA enthusiast, Jake Morgan who previously helped fund the JAPAN based FURY-PRO organisation between 2006-07.

His vision is to once again create a stable yet spectacular MMA promotion that will output its shows via Pay-Per-View and DVD. Morgan also hopes to get some time on a national TV network in the near future.

Favouring the traditional 'octagon' as well as a ruleset which allows for stomps, soccer kicks and knees to the head of downed opponents, Mr Morgan has promised hard-hitting action, enthusiastic support and an endless pot of money for FIGHT! as he looks to quickly establish the promotion as the home of great fights and fighters.


FIGHT! will be a low maintenance v/e-fed targeting those people interested in MMA, the second that I will have put my name behind (the first being FURY-PRO).

Using a heavily customised MMA generator, FIGHT! will deliver 1 monthly Pay-Per-View event. The match reports themselves will be worked over by myself to provide a cleaner, friendlier and more engaging read than that which is churned out by the sim, results will however be in a clipped, recap style.

All results will be determined by the sim, I don't believe it is possible to script an MMA match and so won't be attempting to do so, sometimes you get shocks, surprises, wars or snooze-fests.

FIGHT! will allow for career players to improve their characters statistics within the match generator and watch them suffer shock defeats, score amazing against the odds victories and finally climb to the top of their weight class. I'll also accept applications from people who simply want to send in a character, I'll take them on and handle any strategy/improvements they may have - but, I'd appreciate you checking back and occasionally sending across a press release or two or drop me an email to keep the character going in the direction you want.

FIGHT! is a work in progress, I know MMA and the sim but how they inter-relate is going to take time to figure out. I encourage any feedback and comments/suggestions on how things are going. Having run the fairly successful FURY-PRO a couple of years back, I'm confident that FIGHT! can reach the same standard.

***updated 19 April 2009***

FIGHT! is different to most e-feds because there are varying aspects that affect how well your fighter performs, be it the traditional PROMO's you put out giving you a boost or the STRATEGISING you embark on proving to be the difference.

FIGHT! will be run as a 'career-sim'. Do not expect your fighter to max out all stats and become an unstoppable phenom, that just wouldn't be fun. Instead, if your fighter is on the end of three consecutive losses you can expect to be receiving a pink slip in the post. And how many 40 year old superstars are there really likely to be.

Equally, if you are on the end of a crushing flash KO loss, that chin of yours won't be as tough as it once was. Will you continue to stand and trade, opening yourself up for yet more damage, or will you adapt your gameplan and try to protect what you have... these are the decisions that will make FIGHT! more than just a simple e-fed. To be successful, you need to look at the bigger picture.

Match purses will be released after the events, along with any Fight of the Night, KO of the Night and Submission of the Night bonuses.

I'm looking at how sponsorship could work.

***updated 19 April 2009***

The generator used for FIGHT! allows you to create a detailed character with a series of abilities including CONDITIONING, AGGRESSIVENESS, PUNCHING, KICKING, SUBMISSION etc etc.

Each attribute has a value assigned to it and it is these values that you can improve over the course of time depending on your wins/losses etc. All stats are capped at 20, you can't get higher than that.

Once your fighter reaches 280 attribute points total, they will stop gaining and the only way is downhill. Moving from 250 points to 280 is likely to take a long time, if ever, but fighters do not stay at the top of their game for long, make the most of your success and the money it brings.


Your match strat will allow you to fight in various styles and adjust how often you want to attempt various kicks, strikes, takedowns etc. This means you can try and counter your STRIKER opponent by closing the distance and going for take-downs etc.

***updated 19 April 2009***

The ability to create hype around a fighter is an important part of FIGHT! The more people get behind the character, the more rewards that fighter is likely to receive.

During each cycle, there will be several opportunities to promo.

Leading up to your fight, you can release news and rumours, interviews and more to create 'the buzz'.

These will occur the day before each event, and offer the opportunity to add some further depth to your fighter. You can come in on, under or over weight - initiate a tense staredown, crack a joke etc. These small snippets of information will help to make your character more accessible to the viewing public.

As is the norm, before each match, the fighters have the opportunity to have the final word.

Post-Event Press Conference
After every show, the fighters get the opportunity to reflect on their matches.

***updated 19 April 2009***


You may add 1 attribute point to any of your statistics [to a maximum of 20] per match you are involved in, this will count as 'training'. Motivation/Heart, Toughness and KO Resistance can not be upgraded.

It is possible, that consistent work in hyping your character will result in additional attribute points being awarded. Newsbytes, pre-match, post-match and weigh-in material will all be taken in to account.

Match Outcomes
Match outcomes/injuries will have an effect on your fighters attributes and popularity.


Weight classes are as follows. In future, it may be possible to fight above your weight or even fight above your designated weight [assuming you 'cut' weight for the weigh in.] Currently though, you fall into the below categories.

Lightweight - over 145 lbs. to 155 lbs.
Lightweights can be 4'11" - 6'0" tall.
Lightweights over 5'8 receive a 1 point penalty for every inch over 5'8
Lightweights under 5'5 receive a 1 point bonus for every inch under 5'5

Welterweight - over 155 lbs. to 170 lbs.
Welterweights can be 5'5" - 6'2" tall.
Welterweights over 5'10 receive a 1 point penalty for every inch over 5'10
Welterweights under 5'7 receive a 1 point bonus for every inch under 5'7

Middleweight - over 170 lbs. to 185 lbs.
Middleweights can be 5'6" - 6'4" tall.
Middleweights over 6'1 receive a 1 point penalty for every inch over 6'1
Middleweights under 5'10 receive a 1 point bonus for every inch under 5'10

Light Heavyweight - over 185 lbs. to 205 lbs.
Light Heavyweights can be 5'7" - 6'5" tall.
Light Heavyweights over 6'3 receive a 1 point penalty for every inch over 6'3
Light Heavyweights under 5'11 receive a 1 point bonus for every inch under 5'11

Heavyweight - over 205 lbs. to 265 lbs.
Heavyweights can be 6'0" - 6'8" tall.
Light Heavyweights over 6'5 receive a 1 point penalty for every inch over 6'5
Light Heavyweights under 6'2 receive a 1 point bonus for every inch under 6'2


FIGHT! will feature a WORLD TITLE for each weight class. Challengers will be decided by the rankings and provocative media output.


The FIGHT! rulebook can be found here. As a general overview, Soccer Kicks, Stomps, Knees and Elbows to a downed opponent are allowed. Bouts are 3x5 minute rounds, with 2 further rounds in a Championship fight.


In the interests of creating a balance, all characters will start off with an equal footing and be allowed a certain number of points to distribute across their attributes [250]. In the UNLIKELY event I agree to let in a character with a 'history' special dispensations will be made.

Please don't bother sending in any 'wrestling' characters who are currently active in an e-fed. It's one or the other please...


If you've made it this far, you might be interested in applying. So click here...

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